Lead Basketball Coach

Jonathan Kronberg


Trainers and Coaches

Jonathan has been involved extensively in basketball, soccer and other sports as a player and a coach for over 20 years. After High School Jonathan joined the United States Coast Guard. During his training to become a rescue swimmer, Jonathan was invited to try out for the All- Navy Basketball Team in California. He was one of only 25 players across the country, and the only Coast Guardsman ever to be on the team. For the past decade, Jonathan has trained numerous basketball and soccer players on a local, national, and international level. Players, Parents, and local Coaches, have called Jonathan's training methods, "innovatitive, motivating, inspirational, with a holistic approach." Jonathan helps to instill confidence, deterimation, dedication and most importantly teaches his Athletes how to "practice with a purpose." He has successfully helped Athletes earn a college scholarship, make their desired team, or even just to get in better shape. "My passion to help shape athletes for life extends further than just the sport they play. I believe athletics can help set the foundation for many experiences in life. Social skills, decision making, study habits, ethics, integrity, teamwork, even future business decisions.  Having the honor of hopefully being one of those "great coaches" that an athlete remembers is the type of mark I want leave on this world."  

Jonathan's dedication to youth athletics, plus his years as a player and coach, gives him the experience necessary to provide quality programs to athletes throughout Michigan and Colorado.

You can contact Jonathan @ jonathan@1on1-sports.com