Our Partners


One on One Basketball was started in March of 1991 with the purpose of providing off-season personal basketball training to developing high school players. Since that time, our company has evolved into a comprehensive, year round, basketball instruction and event management company providing skilled instruction to players of all ages and skill levels.


Ann Arbor Community Education and Recreation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all community member by providing lifelong learning opportunities. The LifeLong Learning division provides programs for adults and children in the greater Ann Arbor community. We also have adapted classes for teens and adults with disabilities. "Rec & Ed" is a department of the Ann Arbor Public Schools that focuses on lifelong nature of learning and recreation.


Community Education is the educational philosophy that underlies community schools and advocates the creation of opportunities for community members - individuals, schools, businesses, and public and private organizations - to become partners in addressing community needs. Community Education is most easily recognized in the community school, a facility that is open beyond the traditional school day for the purpose of providing academic, recreation, health, social service, and work-preparation programs for people of all ages.