O3 Lacrosse


Our Lacrosse Programs have been in the Ann Arbor and Saline area for the past 4 years. We continue to work closely with Rec & Ed's and Community Ed's to provide quality Lacrosse programs throughout Southeastern Michigan and Colorado. We offer a wide range of training programs through the following:

+ Lacrosse Camps
+ Lacrosse Development Leagues
+ Lacrosse Clinics
+ Private Lacrosse Training and Lessons
+ Conditioning, Agility, Strength, Speed, and Quickness Training for Lacrosse

Private Lacrosse Training

Individual training is an effective means through which a player can improve . We have helped many players at all levels improve their game through individual and small group training sessions. We will work closely with each player, parent, and coach to develop and implement training programs that provide tangible results. Players can work alone or with friends and siblings. We also use vidoe analysis so players can see what they are doing.  Sessions last for 60-90 minutes and will be conducted at mutually convenient times.

Our private Lacrosse lessons, and group clinics, consist of the following:

1. Dynamic Warm-up
2. Conditioning, Agility, Strength, Speed, and Balance Workout relating to Lacrosse
3. Skill Development 
4. Player Workout of the Day. (A timed workout which allows the player to document their score. From there they take these workouts home and gives them a model to "practice with a purpose") 

To get more information on individual and small group training, or to set up your own training session in Ann Arbor, please contact us at info@1on1-sports.com, or call us at 734.545.8007 (Ann Arbor Office)

+ We offer Lacrosse Training programs for players near Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Brighton, Novi, Canton, and Northville, Michigan.